The World Bank - IPMA 2017 In-Plant Awareness Month

By Diane Kim posted 02-22-2017 09:28


Our team members are the “unsung heroes” at The World Bank. We’ve served behind the scenes and our contribution often goes unmentioned. In support of the institution’s mission of ending poverty and sharing prosperity, our function is vital in the transformation of the world. In that sense, the awareness month campaign is a self-driven initiative to look back on our past, to reinstate our position, and to remind our colleagues of our importance.

As a first step, the team in Printing & Multimedia division conceptualized what our clients should know about us. As a central theme of the awareness campaign, we want to remind our colleagues that what we do best is storytelling. The message “we help tell your story” is concise, direct and clear. It is imprinted on various marketing materials that are strategically placed in high traffic areas of the World Bank Group headquarters. All available communication channels such as lobby posters, digital displays, cafeteria table tent cards, intranet, and internal social media sites are utilized to broadcast the message.

In support of the campaign effort, we are publishing a series of stories, each from a different areas of the Printing & Multimedia unit. These stories inform and educate our colleagues about the services each team offers and are being published across our intranet websites. Our goal is to inspire our clients and provide over-all dialogue of a more effective and effortless communication.

In the spirit of raising awareness, we are providing tours of our production facility in Landover Maryland. The tour will showcase our capabilities, entertain our clients and provide an opportunity for our clients to see actual printing production processes in action.
Our services are indispensable for creating and sharing developmental knowledge in support of the Bank’s mission. Our efforts are remarkable and definitely worthy of notice. Collectively, we have engaged in a comprehensive awareness campaign to make our presence widely known during the IPMA awareness month. Our goal is bring awareness to the value our team provides and kindle mutual appreciation with our colleagues, inspire stakeholders, and always, foster our relationships.

We would like to extend a big thanks to IPMA and its community for the mutual support and motivation!
Diane Kim
Business Development Officer